Wall Painting in Jussey

I have just finished a residency in Jussey, a French village in Franche-Comté. I have realised a 7 by 11m mural representing Marianne, the French icon of the Republique. The village had already a bronze statue of Marianne and they are commemorating its 170th anniversary this year with many related events and the commission of this monumental painting.


I must admit that the size was quite a challenge, I had no assistant and the wall was quite high. I first used a crane truck to apply the primer but it proved too painstaking to manoeuvre so I used a scaffolding. It took me about three weeks to paint.

I worked with schools during the period and I visited four classes, we made animation movies with paper cut. The children then came to see the mural when it was nearly finished and they sketched it.

The local news correspondant was very active wrote several articles in the local newspapers, L’Est Républicain and JHM amongst others.