Champagne 1

I moved to Coupray, a tiny village in the South of Champagne. I have a big atelier in a barn, I have chickens, gooses and I’m fairly isolated. I nevertheless travels a lot, having shows all over Europe, Russia and even Kazakhstan. My work is nourished by the obsession of stop and go, when the painting ceases and when it starts again as an allegory of my life, it manifests in the form of stripes crossing the canvas.

Traversée, 112x142 cm, 2011, Oil on Canvas
Traversée, 112×142 cm, 2011, Oil on Canvas
Traversée, 2011, 114×146 cm, oil on Canvas
Traversée, 114×142 cm, 2011, Oil on Canvas
Résumé, 2013,200x200 cm, oil on canvas
Résumé, 2013,200×200 cm, oil on canvas
Trace, 2011, 73×92 cm, oil on canvas